Use Cases

Telepresence or Telecommute Robots enable you to be anywhere, without actually being there. Be it to reduce travel, improve conversations or enable live monitoring – this revolutionary telepresence solution has uses limited only by your imagination.

In the Office

Host Customer Tours

At Factories, Plants & Warehouses

Healthcare & Education

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Product Features

Self Driving

An array of 3D sensors enables Double 3 to understand its environment, where it’s safe to drive, and how to divert around obstacles to reach the destination.

Click to Drive

Simply click anywhere on the floor in front of you, and your Double will drive there, avoiding obstacles along the way. Because Double understands where it is safe to move, you no longer need to focus on the act of driving.

Mixed Reality

The camera view is enhanced with virtual 3D objects that highlight driveable areas, obstacles, and important places like your Charging Dock. Mixed Reality is like Augmented Reality, except virtual 3D objects are added into the live video stream, and they look and behave as if they are placed in the real world.

UltraHD Video and Audio

Two 13 Megapixel cameras provide an ultra wide field of view and multiple levels of zoom . An advanced array of six microphones helps the driver hear people from farther away and with less background noise. The integrated audio system enables full-duplex audio (two-way simultaneous audio) to be more robust in challenging environments.

Globally Trusted

With 12,000+ robots used worldwide, Double is a world leader in telepresence robots.

One Robot. Countless Applications

Users Speak


To get started you need the robot & a wi-fi to connect it with. After the first setup, you can login through the internet &drive your robot through your PC, Laptop or Mobile - Windows or Apple IOS, all work equally well. You can also share temporary access with your colleagues or customers as well. The Double works best on a standard wi-fi connection but can also be tethered to a hotspot on your mobile.

You get the world’s leading telepresence robot - the Double 3, with its charging dock and 1 year of warranty & free remote assistance. Our customer service team will virtually guide you through the easy setup & onboarding process. The price per robot is Rs. 4,50,000/- + GST.

The robot has an in-built depth sensor that helps it understand its environment. It guides the robot on where it’s safe to drive & how to divert around obstacles to reach its destination. With inbuilt obstacle avoidance, you don’t need to worry about crashing into walls, people or anything that comes in its drive path. It also knows when its approaching the staircase & stops itself!

Yes. The Double 3 app uses the WebRTC 256-bit or 128-bit AES peer-to-peer encrypted video standard withHMAC-SHA1 to verify data integrity. All calls are encrypted end-to-end. TLS is employed to to encrypt both voice & video data.

The internal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides up to 4 hours of non-stop use& 10 hours on standby. Full recharge takes 2 hours. The battery has a life cycle of over 4-5 years provided it is cycled regularly. A robot battery should not be left without charge for over 2 months. The robot itself is very robust & has often lived over 5 years in standard usage conditions.

The robot comes with a 1year India warranty which covers any manufacturing defects. We operate a 24X7 support center to provide online remedy. Parts replacements are done on ex-works basis. In case of repairs needed outside the warranty period, it is on a paid basis. Having said that, the robot is very robust & rarely needs servicing.

Not many really! The Lithium ion battery means that you cannot carry it with you on a passenger airline. Either use a freight/cargo airline or designated road transport companies or even move it in your private car. Next, is that the double is designed for indoor use. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, heat, dust, driving in water may cause irreversible damage to the Double & is not covered by warranty. Likewise, any physical damages are excluded from warranty.

Delivery period is usually between 3-4 weeks. Orders are processed & shipped only against full payment. The price per robot is Rs. 4,50,000/- + GST.

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